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If you are retailer then here is a opportunity to buy the unlock software and then you can unlock device on you own, no internet required. No Waiting time and even you can start your own business in your area. If need to unlock two or more modem recommended for buying Software Kit to unlock the  Huawei, ZTE, Vodafone Modem(s).

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1. Unlocking Software For Blocked Modem: 150 Rs

  • Now Even if you have entered 10 wrong code, or the option is not coming up for entering unlock code and you get the Error :-
  • “Only Specific SIM/UIM can be used”
  • with The help of this software now can unlock blocked modem.

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Unlock E1550  Huawei 3G Modem(s) with our New Designed Tweaks software for Speed up UP/DL speed after unlock. This package contain many softwares + tools. Using this software kit u can unlock yourself 3G modems.  If any doubt u can contact me at 09034290269.

3.Super Unlocking Huawei, ZTE, Vodafone,Idea, 2G + 3G Modem Kit (EG162 + E1550+ K2540) + More Tools:

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Unlock E1550  Huawei, ZTE, Vodafone Modem(s) without any signal problem even if you change the SIM. We are the first to unlock the Huawei E1550 idea modem. In other unlocker user experience signal problem when they change the sim. In our unlocker there is no such problem.This package contain many softwares + tools. Using this software kit u can unlock yourself 3G and 2G modems. We will also provide you Dashboard version of all World Mobile Operator with different look and design. If any doubt u can contact me at 09034290269.

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